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Startup Terrace Rejuvenates Linkou and Realizes Industrial Upgrading in InnoVEX

Startup Terrace Sponsors US$ 300 Thousand for the InnoVEX Pitch Contest Prize Supporting Startups and driving industrial upgrading is one of the policy objectives for SMEA, MOEA, which thus initiates Asia International Startup Campus — Startup Terrace. In the first year, Startup Terrace Project Office proactively takes part in the Asia Startup Platform, InnoVEX, and plays a variety of roles in many events, such as “Startup Terrace Special Award”, “Startup Exposition @ Startup Terrace”, “Startup Terrace Visit”, and “InnoNEXT Cross-industry Events”. Beginning June 6th, abundant activities staged at TWTC Exhibition Hall 3, Taipei 101 Water Dance Plaza, and Startup Terrace show the diversity of projects and high execution for startup industrial upgrading. In order to encourage domestic and international startups to grow in Taiwan and to complete Startup Terrace’s life function, SMEA, MOEA specifically creates an award during InnoVEX 2018 Pitch Contest. “Startup Terrace Award” gives the winning teams (up to 5) US$ 60,000, office & residence discount, subsidy for one-year station program. Startup companies will also get many supporting measures including one-stop service for establishment of companies in Taiwan, global sales expansion opportunities. Contestants going into the second round will be announced on the official website on 30th of May (today). Onsite Pitch will be held on 7th of June (Thu.) during InnoVEX, and the award will be presented by SMEA Director General Ming-Ji Wu on 8th of June (Fri.)

Create Asia International Startup Campus “Startup Terrace” Aside from the massive award, SMEA, MOEA endeavors to make Startup Terrace’s plans and vision known to more startups and global investors. Located in booth G0357 at InnoVEX at TWTC Exhibition Hall 3, the pavilion of Startup Exposition @ Startup Terrace is built by SMEA, MOEA. 3D model displays the surrounding areas of Startup Terrace, the layout of the buildings, and facilities. Moreover, aiming to enlarge the pool of Startup Terrace Special Award, the pavilion collects 22 startups from 3 countries specializing in AI, image recognition, smart logistics, green energy, biotech, e-commerce and so forth, many of which have signed off MOU that agrees to be stationed in Startup Terrace. We look forward to seeing startup expertise going to Startup Terrace’s experimental fields and building micro-scale future city, which fulfills the concepts of startups building startup campus. Startup Terrace Project Office organizes a “Startup Terrace Visit” on 8th and 9th of June at 2:30 PM to let startup enterprise and corporation further realize Startup Terrace and its surrounding fields within a 2-km radius. With actual visiting, startup enterprise and corporation may be able to draw up a timely and proper plan for a future city. For more details, please visit InnoVEX Side Event page.

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