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Startup Israel tackles coronavirus with ingenuity and chutzpah

How the startup nation is using its unique strengths to tackle one of the biggest health crises of the modern age. 

A handwashing machine and facemasks that claim to kill coronavirus. Contact-free monitoring of hospitalized COVID-19 patients. Proactive policies to prevent the spread of the virus. A possible vaccine on the horizon.

These are among the many ways Israel is responding with characteristic swift ingenuity to the raging coronavirus pandemic.

As of today, confirmed Israeli cases of COVID-19 stand at 39 – a drop in the deluge of 110,099 infected patients worldwide, of whom 62,303 have recovered and 3,831 have died.

But even before anyone knew coronavirus would reach the Middle East, Israeli humanitarians sprang into action.

Several organizations shipped protective gear to China and IsraAID is offering remote stress-management courses  for Chinese healthcare workers.

About 100 Israeli physicians volunteered to lead video Q&A sessions with quarantined COVID-19 patients in China through Israeli nonprofit Innonation.

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