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Start-Up Nation does it again, this time Taiwan joins Global Finders

The global crisis caused by the COVID-19 outbreak has triggered a demand for more innovative technologies and better tech collaboration across the board, as a way to combat the growing challenges we now face due to our new reality.

With this in mind, Israel's Start-Up Nation Finder, which is a non-profit organization designed to promote and connect investors and innovators to the Israeli high-tech ecosystem, announced a deal set in place to bring the same successful format to Taiwan. The agreement was signed with Taiwan's Innovation to Industry (i2i), which is a tech ecosystem builder that connects and supports stakeholders in Taiwan. i2i will launch the Global Finder platform - which tracks and promotes ecosystem development along with startup innovations - modeled after the successful Israeli platform, Start-Up Nation Finder.

Using a similar format to the Israeli one, i2i will map nearly 30,000 tech companies, hundreds of incubators and accelerators, and over 200 VCs that are active in the island nation's tech ecosystem, enabling them opportunities to develop strong global industry ties.

“We have developed the Start-Up Nation Finder to help Israeli technological innovators establish stronger connections with the global large-scale technology users and investors. We believe that any growing ecosystem requires such a platform, which is why we have established Global Finder Network that elevates the visibility of growing innovative tech ecosystems around the world, and helps them expand their business opportunities," explained Prof. Eugene Kandel, CEO of Start-Up Nation Central.

The Israeli Start-Up Nation Finder showcases more than 6,500 tech companies, R&D centers, investors and tech communities to the global market, offering a model of startup seeding that provides a world of insight, challenges, solutions, trends, performance, and more. The Finder provides mostly investors, decision makers, and major conglomerates with vital data-driven investment and collaboration information.

Following the immense success of the Israeli model, Start-Up Nation Center (SNC) has launched similar programs in 4 other places including Thailand, New Zealand, and U.S. states Texas and Michigan with Taiwan now joining ad the 5th, all who attempt to adopt the innovation sharing model that is a proven method to better communicate tech across the global landscape. Continuing its mission, the SNC intends to keep expanding partnering relationships into other tech hubs around the world.  

i2i also recently launched in Israel a first-of-its-kind program called IP² LaunchPad with a goal to create stronger collaboration between Taiwanese tech and healthcare industries to Israeli innovation. This partnership program aims to connect Israeli startups with investors from Taiwan, offering the startups a preliminary foothold in the Asian market.

Dr. Gary Gong, Chairman of i2i, noted that "we look forward to exploring how we can further collaborate by connecting corporations, startups and investors through the Global Finder Network. Launching Global Finder in Taiwan continues our efforts to strengthen the collaboration with Israel’s tech sector, which is also evident in the recent launch of our unique IP² LaunchPad innovation program that connects Israeli startups with Taiwanese ecosystem."

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