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Propel Taiwanese Startups in the Big Apple Market: i2i Chairman and Investment and Trade Office Discuss Deepening US Overseas Connections

This year, i2i Team is executing the 2024 IP2 Scale Out project, which will lead promising Taiwanese startups to establish a presence in New York. This week, chaired by i2i Team Chairman, Gary Gong, a virtual meeting was held with the Director of the Investment and Trade Office (Taipei Economic and Cultural Representative Office in the United States), Yeh, Sih-Chia, and Economic Secretary Cheng-Yuan Xie, to discuss the upcoming New York itinerary. Discussions included overseas connections, visit arrangements, Demo Day planning, Taiwan Day event details, and more. Gary Gong emphasized i2i Team's intention to establish a robust startup ecosystem on the East Coast and expressed gratitude for the continuous friendly assistance from the Investment and Trade Office. The Investment and Trade Office also committed to providing ongoing support and information for Taiwanese startups entering the US market.

The New York itinerary aims to facilitate Taiwanese startups' entry into the US East Coast market. It includes visits to renowned international startup accelerators, leading-edge technology hubs, academic and innovation research centers such as New Lab (Brooklyn), and Mind the Bridge. The agenda encompasses discussions on overseas startup ecosystem connections, cross-border business policies, overseas market trends, and innovative technological developments. Through these exchanges with local startups and investors, the goal is to foster international cooperation, enhance entrepreneurial acceleration experiences, and elevate international visibility.

Currently, i2i Team plans to visit outstanding international startup accelerators, top-tier technology hubs, academic and innovation research centers, aiming to establish connections between Taiwanese startups and overseas ecosystems and promote technology exchanges and business cooperation between Taiwan and the United States. Director Cheng-Yuan Xie and Economic Secretary Cheng-Yuan Xie will provide assistance to ensure the smooth implementation of the project.

Additionally, i2i Team plans to host a "Taiwan Day" networking event locally, providing a platform for Taiwanese startups to showcase and exchange ideas with investors and companies from the East Coast. This initiative aims to increase the exposure of Taiwanese startups, connect with the local ecosystem, and leverage East Coast networks, funds, and resources to better understand international market demands, foster cross-border cooperation opportunities, and accelerate the overseas business development of startups.

About the Investment and Trade Office (Taipei Economic and Cultural Representative Office in the United States)

The Investment and Trade Office is one of the global overseas units of the Ministry of Economic Affairs of Taiwan, covering the 9 states in the eastern United States. Its main responsibilities include promoting bilateral economic and trade relations between Taiwan and the jurisdictional states, facilitating industry-academia collaboration, optimizing industrial innovation, providing business consulting services to Taiwanese and American businesses, and organizing seminars on topics such as Taiwan-US investment, trade, technology, environmental protection, and energy to promote talent and business exchanges between the two sides. Additionally, the office assists American businesses in establishing contact points with relevant departments in Taiwan and provides assistance to Taiwanese enterprises and startups entering the US East Coast market.

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