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Monte Jade Taiwan President: Taiwan Should Stay Grounded and Avoid Becoming Mere Contractors in the AI Revolution

This Wednesday (6/26), the K.T. Li Foundation for the Development of Science and Technology held the "國鼎論壇" AI Forum at the Taipei International Convention Center (TICC). The forum featured a keynote speech by Tung Tzu-Hsien, President of the Monte Jade Science & Technology Association of Taiwan, who explored Taiwan's challenges and opportunities in the AI era.

Tung began his speech with a light-hearted touch, noting, "Life can sometimes feel dull, so you need to find joy in things like vinyl records," and added, "We used to have Blockbuster, but now I watch Netflix." He likened AI to the birth of the internet in 2000, emphasizing that technological revolutions are not just about advancements in technology but also deeply influence every aspect of our lives and work.

Tung pointed out, "As children, our imaginations, expectations, and fears about AI surrounded us. By the 20th century, AI began to truly impact us in various ways. Even today, these feelings remain unchanged." AI applications are no longer a futuristic concept but have become a part of our daily lives, affecting various industries.

Discussing the potential of AI development, Tung stated that as AI manages vast amounts of data, we must consider its impact on social security systems and technological ethics. For instance, in healthcare, data management could transform the insurance industry, even redefining its essence.

On a positive note, Tung elaborated that AI will transform productivity, industry structures, and job opportunities, fostering countless entrepreneurial ventures and new business prospects, much like the advent of the internet led to the emergence of platforms such as MoMo, Uber Eats and Netflix.

Finally, Tung urged, "Regarding the high praise for Taiwan, I think we should stay grounded. We are an important participant in AI, but we are by no means the sole creators or decision-makers. Taiwan must avoid becoming just a contractor and should strive to genuinely harness AI." He emphasized that while advances in transistor computing power drive innovation in technological tools, the question remains whether humanity will use these technologies for good or ill. The future impact of AI will require ongoing observation.

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