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i2i Facilitates Meeting Between Canadian Startup CEMWorks and MediaTek to Explore Semiconductor Technology Collaboration


In early May, i2i hosted the 2024 IP2 Launchpad Demo Day, selecting outstanding Canadian startups to participate in the event, aiming to foster B2B international collaborations with Taiwanese companies.

On June 7th, i2i arranged a meeting between Gabriel Lafond-Wise, Business Manager of the Canadian startup CEMWorks, and Weining Shen, Investment Director at MediaTek, to explore potential business opportunities.

During the meeting, the i2i team guided CEMWorks to meet with MediaTek's Investment Principal, Weining Shen. Gabriel Lafond-Wise gave a presentation showcasing CEMWorks' technological products and previous semiconductor project collaborations.

Gabriel explained that CEMWorks' past collaborations primarily involved assisting companies with their proprietary technology tools and providing technical teams to solve specific problems. However, they found it challenging to grasp the full strategic picture of how clients utilized their solutions. Therefore, they were keen to explore direct collaboration possibilities with MediaTek.

(Left: Weining Shen, Investment Principal at MediaTek; Right: Gabriel Lafond-Wise, Business Development Manager at CEMWorks)

Weining Shen indicated that the collaboration cases shared by CEMWorks could help connect with other technical teams at MediaTek. Additionally, CEMWorks could also consider connecting with cooperative clients in Taiwan's semiconductor industry, as there might be similar needs.

Following the meeting, CEMWorks will offer additional technical information to facilitate further technical discussions with both MediaTek's internal teams and external partners.

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