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i2i Attends Global Startups Night Hosted by Taiwan's Startup Terrace, Startup Island TAIWAN and Belgium AWEX

Recently, on June 4th, i2i was invited to participate in the "Global Startups Night," an event co-hosted by the Wallonia Export-Investment Agency (AWEX), Taiwan Startup Terrace, and Startup Island TAIWAN. This event coincided with the COMPUTEX/InnoVEX exhibitions, bringing together startups, academic institutions, and corporate teams from both Taiwan and Belgium for a grand cross-border exchange.

The "Global Startups Night" was held on June 4th by AWEX in collaboration with Taiwan Startup Terrace and Startup Island TAIWAN at the digiBlock C Digital Innovation Base in Taipei.

The event featured Philippe Lachapelle, Innovation Director at AWEX, who provided insights into the development of Wallonia, Belgium, located in the "Heart of Europe."

Anita Chen, Manager at Global Talent Fusion Center of Taipei Computer Association, and Leo Wu, Vice President of Startup Island TAIWAN, introduced the startup acceleration programs. This provided a platform for members of the Taiwanese and Belgian startup ecosystems to connect internationally, share resources, and exchange innovative ideas.

About Startup Island TAIWAN

Startup Island TAIWAN is Taiwan's national startup brand, supported by the National Development Council. It is dedicated to fostering the growth of Taiwan's startup ecosystem, showcasing Taiwan's innovation capabilities, and promoting them on the global stage.

The organization offers a wealth of resources and support to both domestic and international startups, including the Employment Gold Card, entrepreneur visas, global accelerators, and co-creation spaces, aiding startups in establishing a strong presence in Taiwan.

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