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Asia Biotechnology Conference debuts the world's first large-scale international biotech exhibition.

Johnsee Lee (seventh from left), chairman of the Asian Biotechnology Conference, led the world's first physical + online large-scale international biotechnology exhibition during the epidemic. Taiwan Biological Industry Association / Provided

The Taiwan Bioindustry Association and the Global BIO Biotechnology Association will grandly launch the Asian Biotechnology Conference today (22) to 26. It is the first global event in the epidemic to be held in the form of online (Online + Live), offline and online combined. International Biotechnology Conference. The contents of the five-day event will include global 24-hour online business opportunities matching, online forums, company outlook briefings, startup team briefings, interactive online exhibitions, and physical exhibitions and forums at the same time. More than 600 companies worldwide participated in more than 1,200 Physical and online exhibition booths.

With the theme of "Finding Cures in the Crisis" (Finding Cures in the Crisis) this year, the conference covers 5 major areas, including global anti-epidemic, advanced therapies, precision medicine, digital medicine, and investment and regional cooperation, and 14 forums. Top foreign experts brainstorm broadly to find the next wave of new layouts and new opportunities for the biotechnology industry after the epidemic.

The world's first new physical + online model in the epidemic attracts international professionals, biomedical acceleration, and venture capital institutions to participate

The chairman of the conference, Johnsee Lee, said that the new physical + online model and active promotion through the international network will make the tentacles more internationally and attract more international professionals, well-known biomedical accelerators in Europe, America and Asia, and venture capital institutions to participate, including: Eli Lilly Asia Funds, Axil Capital, Cobro Ventures, SmartLabs, Premier Partners, J&J Innovation, INCJ, Toyokawa Capital, Unicorn Capital Partners, etc.

International pharmaceutical companies also participated in the meeting through presentations, exhibitions or participation in business opportunities, including Amgen, Astellas, AstraZeneca, Bailingjia Ingelheim, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Chugai Pharmaceutical, Merck Pharmaceuticals, Otsuka Pharmaceuticals, Pfizer, Sanofi, Novartis, Roche, Merck, Johnson & Johnson; international medical material manufacturers include Stratofan, Bidi, Edward Life Sciences, Thermo Fisher Scientific and other manufacturers.

For forums and exhibitions, in addition to opening an online format, with the release of the Taiwan epidemic, the conference will also open registrants to the Nangang Exhibition Hall 2 Hall to participate in the exhibition, visit the physical exhibition and participate in live speeches or watch speech videos. The one-to-one business matching part is conducted in the "online mode" for the first time this year, providing more opportunities for seeking international partners, negotiating cooperation and exploring authorized fundraising.

Breaking out of the epidemic, online + physical exhibitions let the world see the skills of Taiwanese students

A total of 496 companies participated in the physical exhibition, 1077 booths, including national pavilions, international pharmaceutical factories, precision medicine, cell and regenerative medicine, and a total of 50 teams from the Ministry of Science and Technology. Outstanding, the "International Epidemic Prevention Image Museum" was newly added.

The online exhibition platform is the first of its kind in Taiwan. Exhibitors can design booths with images, posters, and videos. It also provides exhibition institutions and visitors to interact and exchange contacts, and they can join chat rooms freely to communicate with experts from various countries. Portable information collection.

Five theme forum Nobel Prize winner Hon Shuyou cross-sea speech

This year's five thematic forums were jointly organized by the industry, government, academia, and research. Including Industrial Bureau, Biotechnology Center, Industrial Research Institute, Zicheng, Taiwania Capital, Taipei Medical University, Academia Sinica, National Health Institute, etc., gathered hundreds of internationally renowned speakers.

Johnsee Lee said that apart from the epidemic, cancer treatment is still the focus of global attention. The development of cell therapy and immunotherapy are closely related to cancer treatment. Therefore, the Nobel Prize and Tang Prize winner Tasuku who specializes in immunotherapy is specially invited. Honjo), to share the future development of cancer immunotherapy online.

This year is also a critical year for precision medicine. It is the 20th anniversary since the release of the human gene draft on June 27, 2000. The past 20 years have had a significant impact on the completion of gene sequencing to diagnosis, new drug development and precision treatment of cancer. Many experts will discuss the development of precision medicine at the Asian Biotechnology Conference.

To discuss the progress of new technology, Hans Clevers, who has won global awards such as the Breakthrough Prize and Keio Medical Science Prize, was invited to give a speech.

The combination of AI and biotechnology and medical care is the key to this global fight against the epidemic. This year's conference therefore opened two forums to discuss how to use big data and AI to accelerate the development of new drugs and vaccines, and cross-domain integration to create smart hospitals and smart medical care.

The conference also invited experts and scholars to fight the epidemic at home and abroad. Vice President Lai Qingde will give an online speech on the topic of "Building a Biomedical System in the Post-epidemic Era". Former Vice President Academician Chen Jianren was also invited to attend the speech. The forum will focus on epidemics for two consecutive days. Pathology, testing, drug and vaccine development, big data, technology development, industrial development, etc., not only share Taiwan’s experience in epidemic prevention, but also count the development of vaccines and new drugs, and look forward to the future global anti-epidemic development.

Gathering hundreds of startup teams and company briefings from Europe, America, Taiwan, Japan, Israel, and Italy

This year, the company’s vision briefing will be expanded to hold more than 50 sessions, and it will be conducted online for the first time, including domestic biotechnology, pharmaceutical, medical, and testing manufacturers, and international manufacturers such as Europe, America, Japan, Israel, and Italy, such as: IQVIA, Insilico (Intech Intelligence), the teams of 7 biomedical startups in Italy and 10 in Israel, and Daiwa Enterprise Investment (DCI) and other topics. There are also units such as the Biomedical Ecosystem development office in Taiwan (BEST) of the Ministry of Science and Technology, SPARK Asia, and the Biomedical Commercialization Center (BMCC). A total of 45 new creative teams participated.

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