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【紐約創業課程】Course 6:Fundraising, Valuation, and Pitching 募資、估值與投資簡報技巧

資育今年度攜手美東創業加速器EntreCamp推出2024 IP2 Scale Out Program 紐約計畫,協助臺灣潛力新創參與為期六週的全英文專家課程,針對美國投資市場及產業脈動提供指導諮詢,讓國內新創團隊能用更佳姿態面對海外市場的挑戰。

Course 6:Fundraising, Valuation, and Pitching 募資、估值與投資簡報技巧


最後一堂EntreCamp線上課程,講師Terry和Tina講解新創公司在募資與進行簡報演示的成功關鍵。課程首先探討募資的注意事項與禁忌。隨後,講師針對常用的投資方法,如可轉換債(convertible notes)及未來股權簡單協議(SAFEs)進行說明。此外,講師介紹新創公司進行合理估值的各種方法,並提供實用的簡報技巧,帶領新創團隊們分別進行簡報模擬演練,同時分享過去創業募資過程中的策略與經驗。


新創募資 Startup Fundraising
  • 「生活方式企業」主要關注盈利,而具備可擴展性的新創公司則更注重高成長率以及提升市占率。Lifestyle businesses primarily focus on generating profit. In contrast, scalable startups emphasize achieving high growth rates and expanding market share more.

  • 如果新創目標不是成為獨角獸公司,就不必接觸創投 (VC)。There’s no need to approach VCs if you’re not aiming to become a unicorn.

  • 先深入了解創投公司的偏好再深入交流,它們大多有特定的投資條件和策略。Know the VCs you’re approaching. They have specific investment terms and strategies.

  • 在開始募資前,先建立企業的獨特價值主張(UVP)。Before starting fundraising, prioritize building your Unique Value Proposition (UVP).

  • 保持「簡潔的股權結構表」。Maintain a “clean cap table.”

  • 可以利用可轉換債或未來股權簡單協議進行投資。One of the investment methods is through convertible notes or SAFEs.

  • 依據「需要多少資金來實現特定目標?」來估算募資金額。When determining how much funding to raise, base your estimate on the question: “How much money do you need to achieve your goals?”

估值 Valuation


  • 替代法:也就是考慮「要完全取代你的企業需要多少錢」。Replacement Method: This method considers how much money it would take for someone to replace your business.

  • 市場倍數法:這是一種常用方法,但必須使用根據產業的選擇正確的「倍數」。Market Multiple Method: This is a commonly used approach. However, it’s crucial to use the correct multiplier that fits your industry.

  • 折現現金流法:適用於現金流可預測的公司。Discounted Cashflow Method: this method is suitable for companies with predictable cash flows.

簡報技巧 Pitching Skills

  • 預留問答時間。Allow Time for Q&A.

  • 內容勝於創意。Focus on Content Over Creativity.

  • 從次要募資目標開始。Always start with your Cs.

  • 持續改進簡報內容。Continuously Improve Your Pitch Deck.

  • 避免討論退出策略。Avoid Discussing Exit Strategies.

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