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【紐約創業課程】Course 5:North Star, PMF, and Social Impact 北極星指標 & 產品市場契合度 & 社會影響力

資育今年度攜手美東創業加速器EntreCamp推出2024 IP2 Scale Out Program 紐約計畫,協助臺灣潛力新創參與為期六週的全英文專家課程,針對美國投資市場及產業脈動提供指導諮詢,讓國內新創團隊能用更佳姿態面對海外市場的挑戰。

Course 5:North Star, PMF, and Social Impact 北極星指標 & 產品市場契合度 & 社會影響力


EntreCamp線上課程的第五堂課,主題為新創公司營運的三個關鍵主題:北極星指標、產品與市場契合度以及企業社會責任。學員在課程中相互討論、分享各自企業的「北極星指標」,並由講師Terry深入講解產品市場契合度的策略,幫助新創達成理想目標。最後,Terry以知名公司Whole Foods為例,探討企業如何在資金籌集和執行項目之間取得平衡,同時能夠履行社會責任、擴大品牌的社會影響力。


北極星指標 North Star
  • 上一堂課重要見解提到「最好的競爭策略就是消除競爭」;為達成這一目標,新創必須找到企業的「北極星指標」——也就是「企業的指導原則」。One of the essential insights from our last session is that the best competitive strategy is to eliminate competition. To achieve this, entrepreneurs must deeply understand their North Star—the guiding principle of their business.

  • 「北極星」代表所有關鍵業務活動所追求的目標。The North Star represents the goal that all key business activities aim toward.

  • 「北極星」的概念近似於公司的核心價值觀。This concept is similar to the core value of your business.


產品市場契合度 Product Market Fit

  • 新創公司的資源有限,尤其是資金。Startups have limited resources, especially funds.

  • 一般而言,新創公司的資源只允許一至二次策略調整,因此必須非常謹慎。Typically, a startup’s resources only allow for one or two strategic pivots.

  • 如果無法找到任何證據(例如數據)證明公司的產品與市場契合度,則需要進行調整。If there’s no evidence of product market fit, adjustments are necessary.


社會影響力Social Impact

  • 社會責任:企業可以採取哪些行動來改善社會?Social responsibility. What actions can your business take to improve society and make the world a better place?

  • 除了面臨極端狀況或特定產業,大多數企業都能產生社會影響力。Most businesses across various industries can identify ways to contribute to social impact, except in extreme cases involving certain types of businesses.

  • 新創如何向市場及投資者展示社會影響力及盈利潛力?How can you demonstrate that your business values social impact while also convincingly showing investors your potential for profitability?

  • 全球趨勢之下,投資者越來越多重視企業的社會影響力,甚至視為衡量投資與否的關鍵指標之一。Increasingly, investors are considering social impact as a critical criterion.

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