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IP² Plus is a landing program for scale-ups with mature solutions to drive growth in Asian market. Companies will be put in on-target meetings for direct business discussions. IP² Plus program is designed to look for Israeli innovation MVP products with Cyber-security, E-Vehicle and Medical-Health technology which have significant market traction in Taiwan. The companies need to be products-ready stage and committed to the program with financial supports and efforts, regular discussion meetings will be arranged, and the progress will be examined in quarter bases.

Benefit and Value Proposition

Candidate needs to be

1. Connect with top-tier Taiwanese conglomerates: clients, strategy partner, investors.

2. Joint Venture/ Joint Project for product development

3. Prototyping and commercialization

4. Mass production and R&D cost reduction.

5. Sales distribution across Asia and ASEAN.

6. Tap into Global supply chains.

7. Intellectual property and patent protection.

8. Venture capital financing and consulting.

9. Medical device modifications and regulatory compliance service.

10. Conduct clinical trial in hospitals and medical institutes.

Mature company with innovative technology and MVP solutions.

Have specific goals and strategy for entry Asia Market.

Have financial resources to cover in-market cost.

Commitment to participate the program and willingness to soft-landing in Taiwan.

Business Meeting


Rani scout and send pitch deck of the Israeli teams to IP2 team.


Once iii gives positive feedbacks, IP2 Team starts to meet with the team and work on an agreement.


IP2 team will be the 1st line consultant to evaluate the teams.

Business handshake


Start business/partnership engagement process.

Businesswoman with Mask


Once approved, the pitch decks will be sending to iii to study.

Happy Businesswoman



IP² Launchpad


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