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Preteeth AI


Preteeth Al 德睿生醫是一支世界級的隊伍,由台大牙醫師、前亞馬遜北美區業務經理、前臉書 Al PhD Researchers (紐約與西雅圖辦公室)四位共同創辦人成立。曾加入美國UC Berkeley生醫創新計畫、矽谷加速器 500 startups與Appworks,也曾獲全台最大的創業獎項-科技部創新創業激勵計畫的首獎。

Preteeth AI (formerly AIDirect)is a pioneering AI dental software startup. The team specialize in integrating artificial intelligence with the field of dentistry, enhancing post-treatment simulation visualization and precision to elevate the efficiency of doctor-patient communication and the quality of dental care.

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