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Calyx, Inc.


Calyx發跡於美國加州,並在台灣成立技術團隊,積極開發智能畜牧設備。 高雄氣爆、加上化學工程背景,創辦人邱柏瑞在就讀柏克萊大學生物工程研究所期間,與實驗團隊開發一種前所未有的氣體感測器,原本應用在工業檢測,現在進一步結合A.I.及電腦視覺演算法技術,聚焦「精凖畜牧業」,監控雞舍的環境、氣體與雞隻體重、協助優化畜牧業的供給需求、及改善鷄舍出廠鷄肉的效率,有效監測氨氣等有毒氣體。

Calyx's gas sensing platform technology originates from over a decade of research in biomaterials engineering. It is a company founded by teams from the University of California, Berkeley (UC Berkeley) and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL). Calyx is dedicated to integrating advanced biomaterials into sensors to produce low-cost, high-performance sensors for the real-time detection of specific gas compounds in the air.

The team utilizes genetic and chemical modification engineering to modify protein receptors of organic nanomaterials (commonly referred to as bacteriophages). They design highly sensitive and selective sensors to detect changes in chemical molecules in gases. The technology has garnered significant attention from various industrial sectors, focusing primarily on detecting toxic industrial chemicals (TICs) such as formaldehyde, ammonia, chlorinated compounds, and benzene, as the primary products for initial market entry.

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