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Green Edge Computing Corp

Green Edge Computing Corp(GECCO)提供一款革命性的運算設備,它既小巧又安全,能夠為各種人工智能/機器學習(AI/ML)、擴增實境/虛擬實境(AR/VR)、數字孿生和物聯網(IoT)應用提供先進的數據處理,而這些應用通常無法容納傳統的IT設備機架。我們的產品使用的材料和空間少90%,耗電量少75%,溫室氣體排放量降低80%,並且與以往的技術相比,總擁有成本降低50%。

Green Edge Computing Corp (GECCO) offers a revolutionary Edge Computing Appliance that is compact and secure, and enables advanced data processing for a wide range of AI/ML, AR/VR, Digital Twins and IoT applications in edge locations where conventional racks of IT equipment cannot be accommodated. Our products use 90% less material & space, use 75% less electricity, create 80% lower GHG emissions and offer 50% lower total cost of ownership compared to previous technologies.

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