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主攻發展AI自然語意(NLU)對話及文本分析引擎之AIaaS(AI as a Service)雲智慧(Cloud Brain),提供真人智慧與人工智慧Hybrid協同合作科技在垂直領域之應用解決方案。因應COVID-19新冠疫情所推出的OMO雲端數位智慧商店智慧防疫解決方案,結合雲端智慧引擎之AI客服行銷對話機器人,賦能商家數位轉型雲端商店,以掃碼數位科技與客服導購機器人提供24小時全年無休(24/7/365)的無人化免接觸AI智慧語意語音服務。團隊背景包括資訊、企管、法律等跨領域之博碩士,並且為創櫃(7587)公司。

Ubestream provides a software that imbeds natural language understanding in computer chips by using both machine and deep learning. The company’s software enables voice recognition and natural language understanding capabilities that can be used in a variety of IoT devices in the medical, retail, and food industries.
Chip devices with Ubestreams' software enables chips to operate without the need for an internet connection in contrast to other Iot Devices (i.e. Amazon's Alexa, Apple's Siri).

Ubestream has collaborations with several large companies including Answer Technology (biggest seller of FPGA chips in Taiwan), Himax, Syntiant (chip manufacturer that received investment from Amazon and Microsoft), Chunghwa Telecom (largest Telecom in Taiwan), MiTac Information Technology, and Digital Domain.

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