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Canner透過可適應式內容管理框架,讓開發者可以自行串接不同的BaaS (Backend as a Service)和資料庫服務,提供與資料庫連動的API介面。使內容管理框架的開發者使用不同功能的模組,同時自由改寫存取資料。使工程師可以專注開發前端的介面設計和優化,快速打造高客製化的內容管理系統,可省去企業近九成的開發成本。

Canner is a Taiwanese company that offers a one-stop-shop data
access and management solution for enterprise teams. Data is often integrated across and transferred from multiple sources manually, resulting in time-consuming and error-prone processes. To
ensure accuracy, consistency, and efficiency, Canner has developed a solution that saves time and costs for organizations by providing a fast,
scalable, and secure platform for querying and analyzing information
across multiple databases.

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