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In this digital era remote patient monitoring (RPM) is allowing healthcare to become efficient, less time consuming and, most importantly, discreet, private, and contactless. Neteera is driving remote healthcare into a new era, from wearables and sub-standard care, to compact, continuous, high-resolution, sensitive, and advanced health metrics detection.

Neteera’s vision is to make healthcare available to all, regardless of how much they are paying for their health coverage. Neteera facilitates healthcare provision from home, supports caregivers by providing a safer work environment, and saves healthcare systems money & resources in patient care, thereby improving and saving lives.

Neteera has developed a disruptive solution which combines unprecedented sensing capabilities, data collection, AI-based analysis, and empowerment for caregivers: A unique microsensor, consisting of radar-on-chip and proprietary algorithms. The compact device (6 x 8.2 cm) operates at very high frequency (116 GHz-123 GHz) and senses micro-skin displacements through clothing and from a distance. These are then interpreted into vital signs and other behavioral indicators by our algorithm and serve to assess the subject’s physiological status.


Isaac Litman


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