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InCyber is revolutionizing the insider threat fraud prevention $20Billion market. Our system offers True  Prediction of Insider Threats™ (TPIT)™. We created the first cyber prediction solution that ranks all  contractors, consultants, employees, etc by their Risk to the Organization (using both internal and  external information).

We invented the first software that uses internal and external augmented intelligence to red flag  organizations' most potentially dangerous contractors, employees, etc. InCyber can actually predict  insider threats within a company, based on user logs as well as Actionable Augmented Intelligence (AAI)™  from public sources.

Our software uses Machine Learning and Augmented Intelligence to predict and provide advance  warning of impending insider attacks and the individuals who pose the greatest risk to organizations such  as Banks, Insurance Companies, HMOs, Telecom, HLS, Power, Defence, Pharma Ind. And others. This  unprecedented level of defence offers companies an invaluable edge that present-day solutions do not  provide.


Rafi Horesh


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