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ViruNet aims to combine AI and Machine Learning with users' personal data, to sort, analyze and compare medical data produced by Smartwatches, in order to fight the life threatening CoronaVirus. The data will be analyzed according to clinical parameters relating to incubation and infection period of CoronaVirus in order to develop an algorithm for alerts in different colors, from green (no evidence of CoronaVirus), through yellow (certain indications of alert however requires a continuous attention ) to red (please take an immediate steps to be tested by an appropriate lab for an infection by the virus).  ViruNet has just launched 1st version of Covid-19 digital health venture system and this demo link:

ViruNet is pushing forward in order to complete a mature system ready to serve, monitor and protect any person, of any gender and age, anywhere in the world, such make another contribution to fight Covid19.  
ViruNet welcomes any collaboration and partnership in enabling our technology and system monitor anybody, anywhere, anytime!

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Benzy Shiftan

Co-Founder & Director
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