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TraceTech Security has developed breakthrough 1st  Automated Trace Detection Systems (utilizing regular off-the-shelf  ETD = Explosives Trace Detector) suitable for Airports and Seaports security, Border Crossings, Cargo Inspection and more. Company's technology is patented and  has been approved for ground check-points by Israel’s Security Agency (ISA) after extended field and lab tests in Israel.   
Lt. General (Ret.) Assaf Heffetz, former Commissioner General of Israel Police, is  Partner and Chairman of the Advisory Board, with other global technology, security & business professionals.

Same TraceTech's systems and technology can screen not only explosives, but also drugs, narcotics, biological (probably also Covid-19 with more budget and reasearch), chemical, nuclear and other prohibited substances , using the relevant off-the-shelf analyzer.

Please find the link for the video of the ISA approved system TraceTech Security is ready to go-to-market with advanced fully-automated systems, including automatic conveyor and operation.   

TraceTech Security has partnered within European Consoritum with distinguished partners like EADS (Airbus group), French Ministry of Interior, Universities of Manchester and Padova,  and Israel National Police (INP).  TraceTech's system was demonstrated at Athens Airport, achieving 100% successful results of explosives screening.  

TraceTech is the pioneering company ready to bring its leading capabilities and the applications designed to protect from hidden explosives (including liquid & plastic explosives) in carry-on, shoes, cargo, cellphones, laptops, passenger's body etc. and varied systems for Airports, Seaports, Borders, Transportation, Safe City and much more. We closely know the current technology and security gaps, ready with mature most advanced technology to bring 100% successful automated screening.

For more info please visit our website:

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Benzy Shiftan

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