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IOSight is a leading provider of data management and analytics solutions, specializing in the Utilities sector.

We provide proven industry-specific solutions for water and energy utilities and delivers a variety of benefits including: water quality monitoring, cost reduction, productivity improvement and regulatory compliance.

With over 100 installations in the water and energy arenas worldwide, IOSight provides robust, reliable and flexible solutions enabling practical data-driven management.

Plant managers and operators can get actionable, accurate, comprehensive, real-time insights into their site performance, as well as advanced decision-support solutions such as: anomaly detection, early fault prediction, and optimization of operations and resources.

IOSight offers an end-to-end data management and analytics solution – from data foundation through business intelligence outputs to advanced analytics and decision support algorithms.

Our Smart Utility Suite includes iGreen, a comprehensive data management and analytics platform and advanced analytics solutions – algorithm-based Expert Modules.

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Guy Meiri

VP of Sales & BD
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