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Insight Acoustics

Insight Acoustics - Crashing through the sound Capture Barrier

Today’s State of the art surveillance systems covering large public venues are characterized by high resolution video cameras but little to no acoustic capture due to signal acquisition limitations imposed by prior mic technology. Omni directional mics are limited by background noise and directional mics are limited by manual targeting requirements. Real time Audio zooming onto individuals or groups of people within large public areas using today s technology is extremely challenging, and doing so post facto is completely impossible Breaking through the sound capture limitations of today s conventional surveillance systems, InSight Acoustics has leveraged its extensively patented technology to create the revolutionary HyperMic ™ DIGITAL 4 D AUDIO SURVEILLENCE PLATFORM, which can provide both real time and post facto audio zooming onto any target/subject/person/group within even the most noise challenged coverage areas

截圖 2020-07-19 下午4.56.40.png

Alon Blankstein

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