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ECO Fusion

We developed an AI-Driven chronic conditions management services around stress reduction and behavioral economics in order to enhance treatment engagement and adherence.

At the core of the platform, our clinically validated algorithm (Serenita) rapidly and accurately measures mental stress and focus using the phone’s camera (or other wearable sensors), and provides AI driven personalized breathing guidance to rapidly reduce stress or enhance focus, thereby affecting adherence. Research driven, behavioral economics methodology involving monetary and other incentives to enhance adherence and retention in a cost-effective manner.

Combining inputs from a wealth of medical and wellness devices, our platform renders personalized treatments that can be combined with drugs and lifestyle interventions to synergistically enhance their effectiveness and provide a comprehensive remote telecare service. Based on large scale testing, we show significant 20% measured stress level reduction within 3 minutes (for initial stress above 50%), with 83% of users with significant stress reduction.  We also documented  in  a published study, 18% blood sugar reduction with 4.9% body weight reduction within 8 weeks maintained after 6 months. Multiple granted and pending patent applications.

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Dr. Oren Fuerst

Founder and Chairman
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