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Cardio Core

“Cardio-Core” provides an easy to integrate Medical Grade OEM solution designed for manufacturers to get CE/FDA Class II clearance (510K) for their new/existing product(s).

This makes the "Cardio-Core" the "Intel inside" of Health & Fitness wearable devices, using a Medical grade 'PENNY' size OEM solution designed to shorten manufactures TTM with a virtual zero integration effort (a simple Copy & Paste).

The “Cardio-Core” provides a Medical-Grade ECG, PPG, Blood pressure OEM module together with a SaaS service providing a fast TTM solution designed for new/existing manufacturer that would like to align to the new industry standard. Cardio-Core is based on a new systematic approach to interpreting ECG that uses Deep Learning technology providing a real time diagnosis as standalone or Cloud based providing up to 48 hours ahead crucial warning with an Accuracy of 97.5%.

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Roie Dahan

CTO & Co-Founder
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