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“We strive to be the best international father in the East”

said the Director General of the Administration of Small and Medium Enterprises of the Ministry of Economy in Taiwan during his visit to Israel this week * Among the companies that reported cooperation were also companies in the fields of sensors and artificial intelligence

Taiwan aims to expand its ties with the Israeli high-tech industry and has been running programs for the past three years to accelerate the entry of Israeli companies into the ecosystem in Taiwan. As part of the expansion of the joint activity, a delegation of senior officials arrived in Israel this week (28.8) headed by Mr. Ho Chin-Chang, Director General of the Administration of Small and Medium Enterprises of the Ministry of Economy in Taiwan. The delegation includes about 20 senior executives from the ecosystem in Taiwan, including the founder of Advantech, managers of one of the largest venture capital funds in Taiwan in the health sector CDIB, managers of the venture capital fund Taiwania Capital, CEO of the electronics manufacturing giant Mighty Net, managers of technology and biomedical research institutes as well as managers of the i2i company.

The Taiwanese Small and Medium Enterprises Administration operates a number of IP² innovation programs to promote ties and technological collaborations between Taiwan and Israel. The programs operate in the Startup Terrace innovation center, which is supported by him and are managed by the Taiwanese company i2i, which established and manages a technological ecosystem that supports and connects stakeholders in the field of innovation in Taiwan.

“We aim to be the best international parent in the East for startups and the gateway for companies to the Eastern markets. In the last four years, we have established two innovation centers that provide international companies and local companies in Taiwan with everything they need, starting with offices and residences, through consulting and networking, and are used to accelerate the entry of the companies into the ecosystem in Taiwan. We run a number of programs in the centers and also focus on dedicated activities for Israeli companies,” he said Mr. Ho Chin-chang. “One of our goals in this visit is also to learn more closely about the cooperation model that exists between government entities and the industry in Israel and adapt the model to our ecosystem.”

As part of the visit to Israel, the organization Start-Up Nation Central exposed the senior delegation to the world of Israeli innovation, including the presentation of work models for expanding activity and working with the Israeli ecosystem. At the same time, Start-Up Nation Central led to meetings and the creation of business opportunities with Israeli start-up companies. In addition, the members of the delegation met with venture capital funds, managers of research institutes, incubators, technology commercialization organizations of the universities as well as with representatives of the Israel Innovation Authority.

The delegation’s visit opened at the annual event of IP² programs in Israel where the 10 Israeli companies participating in the third round of the IP² LaunchPad innovation program to accelerate the entry of companies into the Taiwanese ecosystem were announced. In addition, a series of distribution, production and clinical trials agreements were signed between the Israeli and Taiwanese companies, including:

ASUS who signed an agreement with a company AirOvationdevelops technology for purifying the air and enriching it with oxygen in closed spaces

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