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Feng Ya-Phui from Malaysia has been in Taiwan for four years. During his studies, he has hiked all over the island carrying 20+ kg of photography equipment over 100,000 km to capture Taiwan’s natural beauty.

Feng had previously uploaded a trilogy of “Time-lapse Taiwan” videos and recently combined a fourth unfinished project into his work, transforming it into “TAIWAN 8K 60”.  The new time-lapse video captures all of Taiwan’s top destinations, including Teapot Mountain, Hehuan Mountain, Ali Mountain and Huadong Valley.

Through his video, Feng has caught nature’s fleeting moments so you will be able to witness Nantou’s Golden Dragon sunrise, Yundong mountain villa’s waterfall and the beautiful starry night on Hehuan Mountain.

Feng even captured Nantou’s glazed milky way which occurs only three times a year. Within less than a day, Feng’s videos has attracted nearly 20,000 viewers with some praising the photographer’s work, commenting “your video gave me goosebumps!”

To show how much he cares about Taiwan, Feng included in his video his statement, writing that he wants to show the world how beautiful Taiwan truly is.

“Loving Taiwan is not just a statement, but an action, he wrote.

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