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Israel and Taiwan Are Vigorously WorkingToward Closer Economic Relations.

The arrival in Israel of Taiwan’s new economic attaché, Mr. Stanley Tzu-An Tseng, strengthens the economic relations between Taiwan and Israel and is aimed at advancing projects that bring Israel’s innovative technological industry and start-ups into cooperation with Taiwan’s corporate giants. “The Taiwanese ecosystem greatly admires Israel’s innovative technology, and we are working vigorously to tighten the ties between Israeli industry and Taiwanese industry, to bring Israeli technological innovation into Taiwan, and to launch Israeli companies into activity in the markets of the East,” said Mr. Stanley Tzu-An-Tseng, Taiwan’s new economic attaché in Israel.

The activity that the economic attaché hopes to advance is a continuation of the first innovation program of its kind: IP2 LaunchPad, which was launched in Israel in June of this year by i2i, Taiwan’s largest software incubator, and operate at the Startup Terrace, which is supported by the Small and Medium Enterprise Administration (SMEA) of the Taiwanese Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA). IP2 LaunchPad is accelerating the entry of Israeli companies into the markets of the Far East and into the Taiwanese ecosystem. As part of the program, a group of Israeli innovators led by Rani Shifron — who is CEO of the Israeli consulting firm Healthier Globe, a representative of i2i, and the head of IP2 LaunchPad’s operations in Israel — will leave for Taiwan this weekend (October 22, 2020).

“Taiwan's response to COVID-19 was the quickest and best in the world which opened up many opportunities for Israeli startups considering entering global markets. The IP2 LaunchPad program offers Israeli companies full exposure to the Taiwanese ecosystem, and the benefits of local Taiwanese representation,” Rani Shifron explains.

Since June, the scope of business operations between Taiwan and Israel has doubled. In the light of such speedy success and achievement, further opportunities for cooperation with the innovative Israeli hi-tech industry are being examined and launches of further activity are expected soon.

Left, Stanley Tzu-An-Tseng, Taiwan’s economic attaché in Israel. Right, Rani Shifron, CEO of the Israeli consulting firm Healthier Globe, representative of i2i, and head of IP2 LaunchPad’s operations in Israel.

Innovation to Industry (i2i) is Taiwan’s largest innovation software incubator. It is the creator and administrator of a technological ecosystem that supports and links together stakeholders in the Taiwanese innovation sector. Founded from inside Taiwan’s largest IT research institute, i2i is one of four institutions that administer government-approved incubators in Taiwan, and it administers the largest of them.

This year, following on the initiative and vision of Dr. Gary Gong, Chairman of i2i, the company began to operate the IP2 LaunchPad program at the Startup Terrace, which is supported by the Small and Medium Enterprise Administration (SMEA) of the Taiwanese Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA). The program invites affiliates from MOEA; the Taiwan Bio-Industry Organization; corporate giants such as Acer, Advantech, and Syscom; Taipei Medical University; the Show Chwan Memorial Hospital and Accelerator Network; electronics manufacturer Might Electronic; investors such as FORMED; CDIBCapital; and more. The affiliates are committed to assisting and accelerating cooperation, even in the shadow of the coronavirus.

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