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IRegained partners with BioT to bring remotely monitored rehabilitation to clinicians and patients

November 9, 2022 - IRegained, a MedTech company that has developed a clinically validated, therapist-directed digital rehabilitation device that empowers stroke and traumatic brain injury survivors to reclaim their independence and regain their lives, and BioT, a company providing a validated platform for building cloud-native medical devices - in a day instead of years, announced a strategic partnership.

Remote-monitored rehabilitation recently became proven as a method to accelerate the recovery of patients when provided in conjunction with in-person rehabilitation. The IRegained-BioT partnership brings together two leaders in their field, to offer the MyHand™ System - a proprietary, targeted hand function rehabilitation system. It is a “smart”, connected mechatronic device, employing clinically validated, cloud-connected, proprietary neuroplasticity enhancing hand function training protocols & engaging games.

BioT’s platform enables clinicians providing therapy using the MyHand™ rehabilitation system to review a patient’s progress and adjust prescribed treatment remotely through a secure online portal. This new level of monitoring and engagement is expected to contribute significantly to enhance and accelerate the success of rehabilitation efforts.

This partnership means that clinicians and patients aren’t limited to using only one MyHand™ device: they can log into any MyHand™ system in their clinic to which they have access, and the cloud-connected MyHand™ will configure itself to the patient’s clinical specifications and allow them to continue treatment from where they left off, even if they were previously using a different MyHand™ device. Between MyHand™ therapy sessions patients will be able to log in to the MyHand™ cloud to review their progress, discuss next steps with their clinicians and to share their data with other medical professionals.

Using BioT’s world-wide, standards compliant platform, MyHand™ devices worldwide share granular, anonymized data with IRegained’s team of technical and medical professionals. This enables them to remotely analyze patient sessions and progress, provide further evidence of MyHand’s™ market-leading clinical performance and facilitate the development of improved hand training protocols & engaging therapeutic games that speed patient recovery.

Thanks to the IRegained-BioT partnership the MyHand™ system will be available very soon in many countries - including North America, as well as in Taiwan and India, while complying with their respective regulations for cloud-based medical devices. Furthermore, for the benefit of both therapist and patient value-for-money, over time, the partnership will facilitate the ability of IRegained to explore novel pricing models in the spirit of value-based care. These may include licensing, subscription, pay-per-use and similar models.

Vineet Johnson, CEO, IRegained

‍“We had a choice of developing our own secure cloud platform that complies with global personal health information requirements that would allow us to manage our devices and to provide our clinical customers with access to their patient’s data, or to partner with a company that could offer a proven, highly secure, privacy compliant, cloud-based medical device platform to connect medical devices. We chose to focus our efforts on developing our core IP and mechatronic device and partnered with BioT as they demonstrated to us a valid and mature platform for building connected care solutions around devices such as ours. Their experience and the knowhow in the field of Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) was unparalleled. More importantly BioT has a very customer friendly team to work with, and it helps serve our mission to help stroke survivors reclaim their independence.”

Daniel Adler, Co-founder, and CEO, BioT

“Post covid-19, remote patient care is preferable to in-hospital care, but can only be done effectively through the use of remote home-use medical devices. However, the needed medical devices for home-use by unprofessional patients share very little with hospital and clinic devices. IRegained, a part of the innovative Canadian Medtech industry, has developed a next generation device that is patient-centric and therefore has enormous potential to impact millions of patients worldwide who survive stroke every year. BioT is proud to accelerate IRegained’s journey towards this noble cause, enable its global reach and ease their ongoing “headaches” due to the ever-changing landscape of cyber threats, privacy regulations, and cloud infrastructures.”

About BioT

BioT provides a validated platform for building cloud-native medical devices. These devices rely heavily on the cloud so it becomes part of the regulated scope. It usually takes years to build such systems. With BioT it takes a day.

BioT’s unique one day set-up is based on novel comprehensive and validated remote care modules that are easily configurable through a No Code interface, as well as an algorithm management system, allowing developers to easily extend the modules.

BioT has also eliminated cloud maintenance needs. BioT is a fully managed platform as a service. You don’t need costly experts for cloud code development, DevOps, cybersecurity, and 24/7 support.
BioT powers the clouds of dozens of manufacturers, from big enterprises to startups, across many clinical domains - cardiovascular, neurology, orthopedics, and many more.

About IRegained

Each year, in the USA alone, approximately 800,000 people suffer a stroke and while, due to medical advances, 80-90% survive, 70% of the survivors experience impaired hand function. Recent research indicates that targeted hand function training enhances neuroplastic changes in the brain contributing to recovery of motor control and thereby the ability to use the affected hand once again.
Canada-based IRegained has leveraged its team’s many years of deep neuroscience research into neuroplasticity and has developed a personalized and targeted hand rehabilitation system.

IRegained’s products and services address the physical rehabilitation needs, primarily hand function rehabilitation, of people who have experienced brain damage as a result of a stroke or traumatic brain injury, resulting in hand-function impairment.

The MyHand™ System is a proprietary, targeted hand function rehabilitation system. It is a “smart”, connected mechatronic device, employing clinically validated, cloud-connected, proprietary, neuroplasticity enhancing hand function training protocols & engaging games intended for therapists to use to assist stroke survivor patients with in-clinic and remote virtual rehabilitation for recovery of lost hand function.

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