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Invest Ottawa Delegation Visits Taiwan, Facilitating Collaboration with Taiwanese Startup Micro PC through i2i Matchmaking

Last Wednesday (3/20), i2i facilitated an international exchange meeting between Invest Ottawa, a Canadian investment attraction team referred by the Canadian Trade Office in Taipei, and Taiwanese startup Micro PC. The discussion, led by Sophie Chen from Invest Ottawa's Asia-Pacific office and Alice Hong, Founder and CEO of Micro PC, delved into topics such as ICT, smart cities, and sustainability, analyzing market demands in Canada and the potential overseas application of Taiwanese startup technologies. This successful dialogue laid a foundation for future collaboration. The Canadian team expressed their commitment to finding mutually beneficial directions and maintaining continuous engagement with Taiwanese startups to explore new technologies and concepts.

The purpose of Invest Ottawa's visit to Taiwan was to foster Taiwan-Canada investment cooperation through technical exchanges. Meetings were held with Micro PC, a startup matched by the i2i team, and visits were made to i2i and Linkou Startup Terrace to explore additional cooperation opportunities. With the trip concluding satisfactorily, future collaborations are anticipated.

Micro PC, with its innovative concept and integration with modern technology trends in environmental protection, offers services for marine microplastics and waste collection, along with developing eco-friendly products from marine waste. During the meeting, Alice Hong, CEO of Micro PC, showcased innovative solutions to modern marine pollution issues, generating significant interest among attendees. The i2i team will assist Micro PC and Invest Ottawa in further exploring the possibility of expanding business operations in the Canadian market and providing necessary support and assistance.

This international exchange facilitated by the i2i team successfully connected Taiwanese startups with international investment teams, discussing current international trends and hot topics, bridging the gap between Taiwanese startups and the Canadian market, and promoting technological cooperation between them, bringing new business opportunities for both parties. Special thanks to the Invest Ottawa team for providing overseas market information and committing to friendly exchanges in the future, offering positive and constructive suggestions for startup products and technologies.

Apart from Micro PC, Sophie Chen mentioned plans to introduce other Taiwanese startups to more potential partners in the future, facilitating richer international exchanges for emerging industries and technologies. The i2i team will continue its efforts to match and support domestic startups, promoting mutual commercial cooperation between Taiwan and international startups.

About Invest Ottawa

Invest Ottawa is a non-profit investment organization based in Ottawa, Canada. Its budget sources include municipal, federal, and provincial governments, membership fees, professional development programs, and donations from the private sector. It primarily focuses on nurturing local startup teams and collaborates with the City of Ottawa to provide economic advisory services and jointly develop strategies to promote Ottawa's economic development.

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