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《2019 Taiwan Startup Ecosystem Survey X Start up Scale Up in Southern Taiwan》

Exploring digital transformation opportunities with SMEs

PwC Taiwan and the TIER (Taiwan Institute of Economic Research), with the support of SMEA (Small and Medium Enterprise Administration), conducted the second Taiwan Startup Ecosystem Survey this year to continue depict the status of Taiwan's startups and the development of the ecosystem. In cooperation with NiCE (National Innovation and Entrepreneurship Association), the "2019 Taiwan Startup Ecosystem Survey X Start up Scale Up in Southern Taiwan" event was held at ICCK (International Convention Center Kaohsiung) on 31st October.

  The event focused on the discussion and comparison of the background and needs of the entrepreneurs of Southern Taiwan in the survey results. In terms of industrial development, Southern Taiwan was dominated by green energy and the IoT (Internet of Things), while north region was dominated by digital media, IoT and e-commerce, and the central part concentrated on smart manufacturing, green energy technology and new agriculture. In addition, the host invited incubator managers from Chiayi, Tainan, Kaohsiung, Pingtung and Taitung to participate. It also shared the government resources and the results of the southern entrepreneurship ecosystem at the booths. Furthermore, the TSH (Taiwan Start-up Hub) set up a helpdesk for providing consulting services for the guests of the event.

  There was one thing worth noting that manufacturers were mainly concentrated in Southern Taiwan, whether it was high-tech industries, heavy industries and other traditional industries all had huge output values. Since the intellectualization had become a global manufacturing trend nowadays, the panel discussion session focused on how to assist the upgrading of the local industries, including the strategic thinking of digital upgrading and development, and how the manufacturing industry should cooperate with the startups. The speakers included the director of Sivann Inc. - Simen Lee, the chairman of Macroblock Inc. - Lichang Yang, LED, and the chairman of Wellgen Medical - Yusen Lin. It created business opportunities for enterprises and interactions for the participants.

  Southern Taiwan is now in the critical period of industrial transformation and upgrading, while the SMEs play an important role in economic growth. "SMEA will continue to integrate central, local and private entrepreneurial resources in the future, and strive to provide diversified financial support, tax incentives and international markets connections for startups.", said Betty Hu, the deputy director general of SMEA.

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