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【What Entrepreneurs Read?】Venture Deals: A Vital Guide to Venture Capital and Negotiations

This year, in collaboration with the U.S. accelerator, EntreCamp, the i2i team launched the IP2 Scale Out Program. This initiative offers online courses where experts and entrepreneurs directly impart knowledge to startup companies gearing up for the East Coast market.

In today's fiercely competitive startup landscape, understanding the core principles of venture capital is crucial. This article outlines recommended readings by experts, delivering essential entrepreneurial knowledge, experiences, and ideas that startups cannot afford to miss. Let's see what entrepreneurs are reading and discover invaluable insights to tackle challenges along the entrepreneurial journey.

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Title: Venture Deals: Mastering the Art of Negotiation in Venture Capital

Authors: Brad Feld , Jason Mendelson

(Co-founders of Foundry Group, key figures in the venture capital field, involved in hundreds of VC deals)

Content Highlights:

  1. The mechanics of venture capital, including terms of investment, effective negotiation strategies, and the seed and subsequent stages of startup development.

  2. Various financing methods, including equity, traditional convertible debt, venture debt from investment banks, crowdfunding, and pre-sales.

  3. The fourth edition revises and updates negotiation, gender issues, ICOs, and introduces new chapters exploring fundraising and legal procedures related to venture debt from investment banks.

What Do Entrepreneurs Gain from Reading This?

For entrepreneurs, this book offers practical entrepreneurial experience, unveiling the intricacies of venture capital. It assists those embarking on the entrepreneurial journey to understand the venture capital process, including fundraising, capital management, and how to achieve long-term business goals, fostering greater confidence in communication with investors.

For investors, the book provides insights into the mechanisms and strategies of venture capital, aiding in better assessment of investment opportunities, risk mitigation, and attaining higher returns.

Recommended Audience:

Entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, lawyers, students, and educators in entrepreneurship, business management, finance fields, and the general public interested in the startup ecosystem.

The road to entrepreneurship is long and arduous, often fraught with challenges and complexities. The i2i team will continue to share more entrepreneurial-related books, events, knowledge, and achievements.

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