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【What Entrepreneurs Read?】Venture Capital in Taiwan:A Complete Handbook for Startup Fundraising Strategies and Business Plan Writing

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In today's fiercely competitive entrepreneurial landscape, understanding investment market demands, devising targeted fundraising strategies, and crafting comprehensive business plans are three crucial core principles. This article outlines an expert-recommended must-read book, bringing forth invaluable entrepreneurial knowledge, experiences, and philosophies that startups cannot afford to overlook. Let's see what entrepreneurs are reading and discover which invaluable insights can resolve the challenges along the entrepreneurial journey.

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Title: Venture Capital in Taiwan

Author: Fang Sung-jen, Lin Kuei-kuang, Chen Tai-ku, Wu Kuang-chun

Content Overview:

  1. Contextual Trends: Tracing the origins and development trends of venture capital, covering the evolution of venture capital markets from the United States and China to Taiwan, helping entrepreneurs understand the background of the venture capital industry and global trends.

  2. Business Plans: Deconstructing the basic format of business plans, analyzing the key elements that venture capitalists value most, enabling entrepreneurs to write compelling business plans and enhance communication efficiency with venture capitalists.

  3. Taiwanese Corporate Law: Analyzing the impact of Taiwanese corporate law on venture capital and operational models, and conducting in-depth comparisons of the advantages and disadvantages of different company types, enabling entrepreneurs to understand the influence of Taiwanese law on the entrepreneurial environment.

  4. Investment Decision-Making and Due Diligence: Factors influencing venture capital decisions, how entrepreneurs should respond to due diligence, helping entrepreneurs understand the investment process and mindset of venture capitalists.

  5. Investment Conditions and Valuation: How to estimate company value, the implications of investment conditions such as preferred stock, common stock, pitfalls of special terms such as liquidation preferences, anti-dilution clauses, and options agreements, enabling entrepreneurs to understand and choose the most suitable investment plan.

  6. Convertible Bonds: Discussing the advantages, timing, and precautions of convertible bonds, helping entrepreneurs better utilize this tool in the fundraising process.

  7. Exit Strategies: Analyzing different exit methods, including IPOs, acquisitions, and unlisted exits, enabling entrepreneurs to choose the most suitable strategy.

  8. Unicorn Myth: Exploring the pros and cons of the unicorn phenomenon, helping entrepreneurs rationally assess the goals and challenges of the entrepreneurial process.

What Are Entrepreneurs Reading? How Does It Help Startups?

"Venture Capital in Taiwan" is an introductory book written for entrepreneurs who want to understand the venture capital industry or enter the venture capital field. It establishes foundational knowledge from 0 to 1, then comprehensively discusses from 1 to 100, with rich practical experience and professional knowledge, deciphering the complete strategies needed for Taiwanese entrepreneurs and investors.

The book covers the problems and difficulties that people entering the startup field will inevitably encounter, especially including the three crucial core principles of venture capital market demand, targeted fundraising strategies, and writing comprehensive business plans. It provides concrete solutions and practical advice, and leads entrepreneurs to find the best conditions through case studies, from contracts to practical choices of investment plans, serving as an essential handbook for entrepreneurs.

Suitable Readers:

Entrepreneurs, Venture Capitalists, Lawyers, Students and Teachers in Entrepreneurship, Business Management, and Finance fields, General Public interested in startup ecosystem

Learning the experiences and lessons of predecessors is an excellent way to improve. The i2i team will continue to share more entrepreneurship-related books, activities, knowledge, and achievements. We welcome everyone to stay tuned.

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