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【IP2 Scale Out x Online Training】Expert Courses Accelerated by i2i x EntreCamp, Deepening Taiwan Startup Skills for US Ventures

For years, the i2i Team has been dedicated to bridging Taiwan with the global startup ecosystem, aiming to lead Taiwanese startups towards international success and facilitate international startups landing in Taiwan. In the wave of globalization, Taiwanese startups require a more internationally minded approach. This year, i2i Team has once again partnered with overseas entrepreneurial accelerators, collaborating with EntreCamp to launch the IP2 Scale Out Program.

Recently, they jointly organized on-site training courses and have now commenced a six-week online training program. This program aims to provide expert guidance and consultation on international collaboration for businesses, American investment, and industry trends. It outlines the various challenges Taiwanese startups will face when entering the US market for the first time and proposes solutions and adaptable development directions, providing participants with comprehensive skill enhancement and knowledge sharing.

The US landing journey for this year will kick off at the end of May. The i2i Team will provide necessary assistance throughout, collaborating closely with EntreCamp to adequately prepare Taiwanese startups to showcase their innovative concepts and technologies in the best possible light on the US East Coast, while also seeking local business partnerships and funding.

The focus of online training is to empower Taiwanese startups to seek investment and collaboration opportunities in the US. The course topics include:

  1. Assisting Taiwanese startups in entering the US market and conducting fundraising and collaboration exchanges: Establishing connections through LinkedIn with relevant investors and entrepreneurs, arranging online business meetings; training and guidance on pitching fundraising presentations, including how to deliver a "One Minute Elevator Pitch" that best showcases brand value.

  2. How to proceed with phased landing and fundraising: Planning and implementing the process of "Product Market Fit -> Founder Market Fit -> Investor Market Fit".

  3. Assisting Taiwanese startups in collaboration with the Taiwan Global Angels (TGA): TGA members include angel investors, technology industry executives, and entrepreneurs from both sides of the Pacific, combining R&D experience in Taiwan to jointly invest in US Silicon Valley startups, primarily in the fields of healthcare, technology, and AIoT. Currently, TGA has invested in five startup teams and two fund projects in the US, with a total investment of $11 million.

In addition, mentors will guide participants through the entire process from the initial idea construction and goal setting in the early stages of entrepreneurship, to customer positioning, product development, fund planning, brand promotion, public offering, competitive cooperation, regulatory analysis, market and pricing strategies.

Through participation in the course, Taiwanese startups can gain in-depth understanding of international market trends and demands, providing reference for future business development directions. They can also learn about the latest market and industry trends in the US East Coast, enhancing their competitiveness and laying the groundwork for further expansion into the US market. The i2i Team will continue to share key points of online course content and the follow-up progress of the IP2 Scale Out Program in the future.

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