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【Highlights Recap】Empowering Taiwan-Canada Startup Connections: SMESA x IP2 LaunchPad Advisory Team Commended by Canadian Office

Established in 1986, the Canadian Trade Office in Taipei has maintained comprehensive exchanges with Taiwan over the years, facilitating Canadian residents in tourism, learning, and business ventures in Taiwan. Amidst the global wave of startups, since 2021, the Ministry of Economic Affairs has been actively promoting the entry of Canadian startups into Taiwan. Collaborating with the Canadian Trade Office in Taipei, they've employed the Canadian Technology Accelerator (CTA) program and the International Advisory Panel of IP2 LaunchPad under the SMEMA to facilitate connections between 19 Canadian startups and Taiwanese industries. This collaboration successfully attracted 5 Canadian startups and 6 Taiwanese industries for further cooperation, with 2 Canadian startups even landing in Taiwan for product validation, yielding remarkable results.

Embracing Global Trends: Startups Aligned with Hot Industries

Commissioned by the SMEMA, the IP2 LaunchPad International Advisory Panel, facilitated matchmaking between Canadian startups and Taiwanese industries. The 19 Canadian startup teams participating in the review covered areas such as smart healthcare, sustainability, and ICT, all aligning closely with current hot industries and international market demands. Taiwan boasts a complete industry ecosystem in smart healthcare, cybersecurity, and AIoT, serving as a prime attraction for foreign enterprises. Leveraging this ecosystem, the aim is to assist Canadian startups in acquiring the necessary resources for internationalization and commercialization.

The Canadian Office Expresses Appreciation for the Professionalism of the International Advisory Panel

The IP2 LaunchPad International Advisory Panel consisted of experts and entrepreneurs from various fields such as healthcare, biotech, semiconductor, software technology. They provided guidance and internationalization experiences to all participating startups, scrutinizing overseas market dynamics, global tech trends, technological potential, and company operational progress. This meticulous selection process ensured the successful conclusion of the program.

In appreciation of the continuous support from the SMEMA and the advisory panel, Mr. Ed Jager, Director of the Canadian Office, presented a letter of appreciation to Mr. He Jin-tsang, Director-General of the SMEMA, on February 5th before the Lunar New Year. IP2 also attended the LaunchPad International Advisory Panel event, witnessing the fruitful outcomes of Taiwan-Canada cooperation.

Mr. Jager expressed gratitude, noting the SMEMA's efforts in inviting influential leaders from Taiwan's industries to every international advisory review meeting, facilitating rapid connections and new cooperation opportunities for startups in Taiwan.

Director-General He Jin-tsang, upon receiving the letter of appreciation, highlighted the diverse facets of Taiwan-Canada cooperation in recent years, expressing hopes for Mr. Jager's continued participation in bilateral cooperation activities, enhancing the influence of exchanges between small and medium-sized enterprises and startups from both sides.

About IP2 LaunchPad International Advisory Panel

Established in 2020 by the SMEMA, the IP2 LaunchPad International Advisory Panel is supported by the LinKou Innovation Park project under the SMEMA. Convened by former Minister of Economic Affairs, Shih Yen-hsiang, its members include industry pioneers such as Vice Chairman Lai Shan-guei of Yushan Group, General Manager Liu Jui-lung of Lingo Quantum, Chairman Wang Chao-chun of Kuozhan Computers, General Manager Tang Yun-shun of TSNC, Academician Lee Der-tsai of Academia Sinica, and former General Manager Lee Shao-tang of Oracle.

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