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【2024 IP2 Scale Out Expert Insights】Navigating Entrepreneurial Accelerators and Investment Terms for Advancing into the U.S. Market

i2i collaborates with EntreCamp to continue the core spirit of the previous on-site training course, bringing invaluable expert insights to this year's startups preparing to enter the New York market. From goal setting, sharing of alumni entrepreneurial cases, analysis of New York accelerators, to expert guidance on the differences in corporate structures and investment terms between the United States and Taiwan, participants can gain a comprehensive understanding of the essentials for entering the U.S. market and glean insights into the entrepreneurial strategies of their predecessors.

Course Information:

1.The New York Accelerator Journey and Successful Case from Alumni

Speaker: Po Chen, CEO of Precision Biotechnology

Po Chen, a former employee of Morgan Stanley in New York for over 10 years, founded Precision Biotechnology after encountering innovative technology from Taipei Medical University through the assistance of the National Health Research Institutes' Technology Transfer and Incubation Center. He commercialized the technology in collaboration with Taipei Medical University, developing "testing services" for tumor anticancer drugs, applicable to over 130 types of cancer treatments, receiving recognition from hospitals and the industry.

He then expanded into the U.S. market, utilizing big data analysis for precision medicine. In 2022, he raised $1 million in funding led by Silicon Valley venture capitalist Tim Draper, and in 2023, was selected for the MassChallenge Switzerland 2023 accelerator program. He has since signed agreements with Tsukuba University in Japan and is in talks for more overseas collaborations in China and India.

Mr. Po Chen, currently based in the United States, generously shares his entrepreneurial journey through online courses, from taking the first step with government-supported entrepreneurial investment programs after joining the incubation center, to expanding business exposure, setting technical goals, venturing overseas, and participating in international entrepreneurial projects. He also provides valuable entrepreneurial knowledge to the participating startups, including resources available in New York, recommended entrepreneurial activities, seminars, competitions, key points for attracting investment, possible setbacks, and mindset establishment. Standing on the shoulders of predecessors, the next generation can reduce confusion and avoid blind spots.

Mentorship Time

During the course, Dr. Zhan opens the floor for participants to ask questions, explaining the current situation of the U.S. financial market, differences between the Taiwanese and American stock markets, past investment cases, and practices when startups face funding needs. He also discusses potential challenges during Demo Day, key considerations for attracting investment, and conducts simulations of possible Q&A sessions.

2.Navigating Legal Landscapes: Differences in Corporate Structure and Investment Terms between the U.S. and Taiwan

Speaker: Bryan Huang, Esq.

Bryan Huang, a Ph.D. candidate at Peking University Law School, specializes in corporate mergers and acquisitions, entrepreneurial investment, internet, personal data, intellectual property, and services for companies going public. He serves as legal counsel for companies such as Chunghwa Telecom, Niu Er, YaWen, Paktor, FunNow, HelpYou, and Cathay Financial, and provides legal services in Taipei, Beijing, Shanghai, and ASEAN. He is currently an executive director at Chiwei Capital, dedicated to mentoring startup teams under accelerators such as Taiwan Startup Stadium (TSS), SparkLabs, and 500 Startups, investing in entrepreneurship for over 10 years, and actively supporting Taiwan's young entrepreneurs in going global.

Attorney Huang generously shares successful cases of Taiwanese startups he has counseled to establish international footholds and go public, breaking free from traditional entrepreneurial academic doctrines by building team confidence through rich firsthand experience. He analyzes the challenges and differences startups may face in various industries and market fluctuations, while offering humorous insights and warnings based on his legal expertise, pointing out pitfalls and coping strategies for Taiwanese startups entering international markets.

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