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【臺灣新創 x 紐約創業】艾斯創生醫 Astron Medtech:創新升級醫療微創手術器械

資育今年度與國際創育夥伴美東加速器EntreCamp共同推出IP2 Scale Out Program,協助臺灣十家潛力新創前進紐約市場,爭取投資合作商機。本文介紹入選新創團隊──艾斯創生醫股份有限公司(Astron Medtech),資育團隊將全程提供新創公司們必要之協助,力求將台灣新創的嶄新理念、技術以最佳姿態亮相美東。






Astron Medtech develops a minimally invasive surgical system for ligament and tendon repair to reduce complications to 1% and 50% of surgical time.




Astron Medtech focuses on developing a better solution for Tendon Repair. Astron Medtech designs disposable minimally invasive surgery devices which reduce the recovery time from 6 times to 4 months, saving 1280 USD for patients. We create a 0.8 cm incision which is the smallest incision comparing with other companies. Unlike Arthrex’s PARS jig system, the current method creating at least 4 cm of incision and sural nerves damages. Astron Medtech creates a faster and better recovery for sports lovers to thrives.

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