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【臺灣新創 x 紐約創業】歐利亞 Aulea Asia:醫療一體式一次性泌尿外科解決方案

資育今年度與國際創育夥伴美東加速器EntreCamp共同推出IP2 Scale Out Program,協助臺灣十家潛力新創前進紐約市場,爭取投資合作商機。本文介紹入選新創團隊──歐利亞有限公司(Aulea Medical Inc./Aulea Asia),資育團隊將全程提供新創公司們必要之協助,力求將台灣新創的嶄新理念、技術以最佳姿態亮相美東。





Aulea Medical 透過第一個也是唯一的一體式一次性解決方案重新構想泌尿外科治療的未來,為患者、醫生和醫院提供更安全、更便宜、更簡單的結果。

Aulea Medical is re-imagining the future of urological treatment with the first and only all-in-one and single use solution to provide safer, cheaper, and simpler result for patients, doctors, and the hospitals.



Aulea 是八年產品開發的成果,擁有一套專利、四項 FDA 510(k) 許可和兩個有效的保險報銷代碼。 Aulea 是透過於 2023 年 7 月收購一家有前景的新創公司的資產而推出的,擁有可商業化的產品、可立即投入生產的供應鏈和現有客戶。

Aulea 已準備好立即佔領泌尿外科市場的大片市場。

Aulea is the result of eight years of product development, with a suite of patents, four FDA 510(k) clearances, and two active insurance reimbursement codes. Launched by acquiring the assets of a promising start-up in July of 2023, Aulea has commercially ready products with production-ready supply chains and existing customers.

Aulea stands ready to immediately capture large swaths of the urology market.

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