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【臺灣新創 x 紐約創業】台灣碳材 TCMC:碳材生產研發及應用5G、鋰電池散熱解決方案

資育今年度與國際創育夥伴美東加速器EntreCamp共同推出IP2 Scale Out Program,協助臺灣十家潛力新創前進紐約市場,爭取投資合作商機。本文介紹入選新創團隊──台灣碳材有限公司(Taiwan Carbon Materials Corp. ,TCMC),資育團隊將全程提供新創公司們必要之協助,力求將台灣新創的嶄新理念、技術以最佳姿態亮相美東。






Solving Thermal Challenges in Your Designs



台灣碳材有限公司(Taiwan Carbon Materials Corp., TCMC)為先進碳材料的全方案提供商,以研發應用、生產製備包含石墨烯、奈米碳管等碳材料以及將材料應用產業化為主業務的科技企業。 擁有雄厚的技術研發團隊,供應高品質且具競爭力之產品,提供客戶最佳解決方案。


Taiwan Carbon Materials Corp. is a leading provider of comprehensive solutions in advanced carbon materials. Specializing in research, development, and production of carbon materials such as graphene and carbon nanotubes, TCMC is dedicated to industrializing these materials for various applications. With a robust team of technical researchers, we supply high-quality and competitive products, ensuring the best solutions for our customers.

Taiwan Carbon Materials Corp. is developing and producing highly efficient heat dissipation materials for the AI/5G industry, as well as providing Carbon-based conductive materials for lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles to improve battery performance and reduce energy prices. We are also committed to the development of greenhouse gas capture materials to reduce carbon emissions.

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