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【紐約創業課程】Course 4:Competitive Strategy and Marketing Funnel 競爭策略與行銷漏斗

資育今年度攜手美東創業加速器EntreCamp推出2024 IP2 Scale Out Program 紐約計畫,協助臺灣潛力新創參與為期六週的全英文專家課程,針對美國投資市場及產業脈動提供指導諮詢,讓國內新創團隊能用更佳姿態面對海外市場的挑戰。

Course 4:Competitive Strategy and Marketing Funnel 競爭策略與行銷漏斗


EntreCamp 第四堂線上課程,團隊深入探討新創打入市場的競爭與行銷策略。Terry講師強調,必須培養以「定義企業獨特價值主張(UVP)為優先」的思維方式,同時堅持創新和價值創造,才能有效應對市場的激烈競爭。此外,本次課程介紹了「行銷漏斗」的概念,並說明新創公司在預算分配和產品開發過度投資時會遭遇的常見陷阱。


創投偏好投資什麼樣的新創?What Do VCs Seek in Startups?

  • 創投偏好尋找「具有龐大市場潛力及成長性的新創」,也就是潛在市場規模達數十億美元的項目。VCs seek opportunities in startups operating within expansive markets poised for significant growth, ideally in the billions of dollars range.

  • 新創公司應在投資簡報中專門設計一頁來詳細描述項目的目標市場。Startups should include a page in their pitch deck to delineate their target market.

競爭 Competition

  • 與其在價格上與競爭對手競爭,更重要的是找出自己的「獨特價值主張(UVP)Instead of solely competing on price with your competitors, it's crucial to understand your business's Unique Value Proposition (UVP).

  • 許多新創公司試圖抓住「每一個」市場機會,但在資源有限的情況下,這並不可行。Many startups attempt to pursue every possible market opportunity, which is not a viable strategy given limited resources.

  • 新創應該先了解自己的的市場「護城河」,也就是能使自己難以被競爭對手取代的「優勢之處」(可持續性差異化)Understand the market moats of your business, as they shield you from being supplanted by competitors.

行銷漏斗與顧客獲取 The Marketing Funnel & Customer Acquisition

  • 新創容易在產品開發上投入過多資金,其實最佳策略是將大量預算(超過40%)投入行銷。Numerous startups allocate excessive funds to product development, but the optimal strategy is to invest a significant portion of your budget (over 40%) on marketing instead.

  • 如何獲取客戶?先明確目標,並識別達成目標所需的相關數據。When acquiring customers, it's essential to clarify your goal and identify the pertinent data necessary for achieving it.

  • 在確定行銷漏斗三個階段(上、中、下)的預算分配時,應優先投資於上層漏斗,因為它是下層漏斗的轉換基礎。When determining budget allocation across the three stages of the marketing funnel (top, middle, and bottom), prioritize investment in the top funnel, as it lays the groundwork for bottom-funnel conversions.

  • 如何在獲取客戶後產生「飛輪效應」。Consider how to generate a flywheel effect post-customer acquisition.

  • 「市場進入策略」建立在假設之上,因此仍需持續測試調整,直到找出最優解。Your go-to-market strategy essentially begins as a hypothesis, necessitating ongoing testing and adjustments until the most optimal one is achieved.

課堂提問 Questions Asked in Class

  • 如何在產品價格遠高於競爭對手的情況下有效吸引客戶?How can we effectively attract customers when our product pricing significantly exceeds that of competitors?

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