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【紐約創業課程】Course 3:Business Model Canvas & Customer Segmentation 商業模式圖 & 市場區隔

資育今年度攜手美東創業加速器EntreCamp推出2024 IP2 Scale Out Program 紐約計畫,協助臺灣潛力新創參與為期六週的全英文專家課程,針對美國投資市場及產業脈動提供指導諮詢,讓國內新創團隊能用更佳姿態面對海外市場的挑戰。

Course 3:Business Model Canvas & Customer Segmentation商業模式圖 & 市場區隔


EntreCamp 第三堂線上課程,Terry講師說明新創如何建立自己的商業模式圖。商業模式圖由新創企業的九個關鍵成分組成,可以幫助團隊全面自我分析,找出需要精進的環節並明確未來發展計畫。



價值主張 Value Propositions
  • 學會識別您的獨特賣點。Identify your unique selling point.

市場區隔 Customer Segmentation
  • 根據不同的特徵對市場(客戶)進行分類。Categorize your customers by their distinctive characteristics.

  • 產品的使用者不會總是您的客戶。Your product’s user may not always be your customer.

  • 維持客戶關係的關鍵是傾聽反饋並即時給予回應。The key to maintaining customer relationships is to listen to their feedback and respond promptly.

  • 風險投資公司可能會直接向客戶尋求有關您的產品或服務的評價。VCs may seek feedback directly from customers about your product/service.

收入模式 Revenue Model
  • 目標是保持收入來源多樣化。Aim to maintain a diversified source of revenue.

  • 仔細考慮定價策略。Carefully consider your pricing strategy.

關鍵夥伴 Key Partners

  • 避免依賴單一供應商。Avoid relying on a single supplier for your company.

關鍵活動 Key Activities

  • 作為創始人,應優先處理關鍵活動。As a founder, prioritize your key activities.

  • 許多人花大量時間在產品開發設計上,卻忽視了應把重點放在自家產品或服務的獨特賣點及目標客戶上。Many founders spend significant time on product development or design but neglect to fully explore their business’s unique selling points and target customers.

  • 流程優化是必要的,但時機很重要。Process optimization is essential, but timing is crucial.

其他關鍵要點 Others Key Takeaways

  • 商業模式圖的所有組成部分,創辦人最初可能只掌握了價值主張。其他部分,可以進行評估預測,然後不斷重複測試、驗證、調整,直到達到產品與市場契合。Among all the components of a Business Model Canvas, a founder may only have a clear understanding of the value propositions initially. For the other components, you can evaluate and make predictions. Then, test, prove, adjust, and repeat the process until you achieve product-market fit.

  • 許多新創公司利用風險投資來追求成長率,卻忘記明確定位目標客戶。Many startups use funding from VCs to pursue growth rate, often overlooking the need to clearly identify their target customers.

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