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Autopass Inc


Autopass 創立於台灣,以「車主的錢包」為初衷專注於出行金融支付整合。 目前與全台超過2,000 個出行場景合作,其中包含600 家中油直營站、超過1,000 個公私有停車場與16 個縣市的路邊停車。 除了努力拓展出行場景之外,同時也發展自有產品「⾞⿇吉」App,目前累積會員數已超過百萬。

Autopass is dedicated to the integration of financial payments in the realm of transportation, with the initial ethos of "the car owner's wallet". Currently, it collaborates with over 2,000 transportation scenarios across Taiwan, including 600 directly managed gas stations of CPC Corporation, more than 1,000 public and private parking lots, and roadside parking facilities in 16 counties and cities. Apart from expanding its footprint in transportation scenarios, Autopass has also developed its proprietary product, the "Car Lucky" app, amassing a membership base exceeding one million. In 2023, it expanded its operations overseas, aiming to enable car owners worldwide to enjoy a swift and convenient transportation experience.

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