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Dotspace Inc


Dotspace 是一家數位醫療器材新創公司,專注於數位膠囊的研究與製造,第一款產品PressureDOT 是提供連續性以及無線生理數據量測及傳輸的數位膠囊產品。這款產品可以提供醫療照護者過去難以取得的病人聯繫腹內壓力,提早監測加護病房以及外科手術術後病人的危急情況。

Historically, the uncertainty surrounding time and monitoring scope has limited the acceptance of capsule endoscopes among medical professionals. In response to market demands, Dotspace has introduced the "PressureDOT Real-time Intra-Abdominal Pressure Monitoring Capsule," a product that integrates medical expertise with hardware proficiency. The team's aim is to provide healthcare personnel with a real-time and secure examination tool, further safeguarding the health status of patients.

Supported by grants from the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Dotspace has undertaken the development of prototype medical devices and conducted preclinical validation. Subsequently, with assistance from the Ministry of Science and Technology, Dotspace successfully completed an angel round of funding and established the company by the end of 2021. Throughout this journey, Dotspace have been honored with accolades such as the Future Technology Award and the National Startup Award.

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