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Numbers Protocol


Numbers 是 2019 年成立的新創科技公司,運用技術來保持數據的完整性、預防惡意竄改或假新聞。合作對象包含 NGO 組織、主流媒體、以及刑事證據保存機構等。

Numbers Protocol is a blockchain-based solution for digital content traceability. Its ecosystem comprises the public chain, Numbers Mainnet, and the Capture digital asset management platform services (Mobile App, API/SDK, Web App). It aims to preserve the integrity of digital content information for creators and users, restoring trust and value to digital content.

Partners include non-profit organizations, mainstream media in the UK and the USA, as well as institutions for criminal evidence preservation. The team is committed to developing technology with a positive impact on society, such as collaborating with the Mass Atrocity Evidence Preservation Fund to preserve authentic footage from conflict zones. During the pandemic, the team supported MyData Taiwan in developing the MyLog app for autonomous health management. They have also collaborated with Chung Hsing University to utilize AI technology in assisting Formosan clouded leopard conservation efforts.

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