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提供即時送禮服務的平台商,用AI的方式提供及時、客製化的親送服務並帶送到府。服務範圍涵蓋六個國家二十二座城市。結合公司CRM,包辦了禮物配對、採購、跨境物流、稅收等流程,為企業省下不少人力及時間成本。Giftpack 同時建立管理面板,企業端可以在平台上看見與收禮者的互動數據,包含次數、金額、客戶對禮物的滿意度等,更有自動化設定提醒員工到職、客戶生日等特殊節日,讓業主不必親自追蹤也能隨時掌握送禮進度,輕鬆做到 CRM。

Giftpack utilizes AI technology to automate bulk gifting processes and tailors gifts for corporate recipients from a selection of over 1500 brands and 3 million different products.

The company’s revenue model is to charge their corporate clients a service and subscription fee, and the product vendors on their platform a commission fee.

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