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Frontier提供雲端數位工具讓使用者快速數位化布料,讓紡織業企業可以創造自己的數位紡織資料庫,同時可以互享,運用3D成衣設計或是系統上,讓產業間的協作環節更快、更緊密連再一起。 is a Taiwanese company offering a B2B SaaS solution for providers in the fashion, footwear, and textile industry.

The broader fashion industry suffers from siloed and dispersed information, the result of industry clusters, that make digital workflow and collaboration almost impossible. helps industry clients
– apparel brands and their supply chain partners – create 3D-ready materials using AI-enhanced technology to automate the reconstruction of critical data and metadata, such as physical properties, ESG metrics, and texture maps. The result is a faster time to market for producers, an acceleration of innovation in material design, the reduction of CO2 emissions, no further need for physical samples, and the creation of an on-demand manufacturing model.

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