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CancerFree Biotech

CancerFree Biotech


精準抗癌藥物與基因檢測平台,提供循環腫瘤細胞體外培養與藥物篩檢服務,協助超過 600 位病患,橫跨 42 種癌症類別,達成將近 90% 的體外組織培養成功率。曾獲葡萄王生技的合作和國衛院的輔導。

CancerFree is a biotech company dedicated to cancer diagnosis and treatment from blood samples. It is the first company to commercialize an in-vitro tumor cell culture platform from liquid biopsies. The company's proprietary technology operates by using circulating tumor cell culture from a patient to form organoid systems. These systems can help doctors and patients identify the optimal treatment strategy to fight cancer, particularly late stage cancer.

CanceFree has both patents and registered IP for its proprietary technology in Taiwan and the United States.

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